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Maeerxu XT3 Anode Colored Titanium 18350 EDC Flashlight

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XT3 -Titanium anode colored-18350
Parameter description
●Material: titanium alloy
●Surface treatment: titanium anode five colors: blue gold color lost color coarse # fine #
●Product Size: Outside diameter 1in*Length 3.27mm
●Weight: 3.21oz(without battery)(with battery 3.96oz)
●Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof
●Red copper substrate: Electro-thermal separation of copper substrate can make the heat dissipation faster
●LED model: 3*SS-T20 or 3*519A or 3*XPL HI, multiple color temperature optional
●Battery model: 18350 (drive voltage 3V-4.3V), not high voltage drive flashlight.
●Convex lens: Imported high reflectivity 3*LED convex lens
●Circuit: low voltage alert/reverse polarity protection/with memory (highly playable), you can arbitrarily set your favorite mode.
●Gear mode: full press to switch on and off, half press to switch gears (16 main light dimming modes, can be switched at will, the specific operating logic to see the operating instructions)
●Auxiliary lamp: seven colors can flow in the downward and reverse direction of the auxiliary lamp, you can also choose any one of the seven colors of memory as auxiliary lamp (specific operation logic see the operation manual)
●Full linear constant current, no call sound, no strobe
●Switch mode: tail mechanical power-off switch
●Package contains: 1 * flashlight (excluding batteries and charging), 1 * operating instructions 1 * stainless steel clip, 2 * M3.0 stainless steel screws

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Additional information

Weight 0.095 kg
Dimensions 2.54 × 8.8 cm
Titanium anode color

Lamp bead model and color temperature selection

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Increasea 18350 battery, no battery

He is not a tritium tube. It's a luminous tube.

No light-emitting tube, Size:1.5*6 15pcs

3 reviews for Maeerxu XT3 Anode Colored Titanium 18350 EDC Flashlight

  1. oleksandronizhuk (verified owner)

    Hello dear Flashlights enthusiasts. The flashlight that ‘ve recently purchased is high quality, definitely worth buying. Shipment from China took about 2 weeks to arrive in the US.

    • maeerxu

      Thank you my friend.

  2. Meor Azmi bin Meor Ayob (verified owner)

    Beautiful crafted titanium light that is a joy to see and also use as a illumination tool. One can option the light with various leds and for me the Nichia’s are my choice of led. Perfect form factor for palm size titanium light with pattern on the outside. There are secondary colouful rgbs thats behind the lens which provides colourful ambient lighting that stimulate your senses. The UI is vast with various features that one can easily configure this light to your own requirements. 3000lumens is adequate and its switch located at the tailcap provides tactile operations. The host is besutifully crafted and machined. I couldn’t find any sharp edges and every corner is radiused for enuser experience. Grab this light as the price imho is a steal.

    • maeerxu

      XT3 Anode Colored titanium is our best selling product, thank you Meor.

  3. ronaldlacy (verified owner)

    Really love this flashlight!!!

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