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Maeerxu Three Eyes Luminous Ring


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(1)The Three Eyes Luminous Ring is imported from Italy and processed by CNC。
(2)Luminous materials need to absorb light under the light (preferably purple light). After absorbing the light, the luminous materials emit light and keep it for a long time. When the brightness is not enough, you can add light again.Service life is about 100,000 hours。
(3)Remove the standard brass inner barrel of the three-eye flashlight, and then press and hold the luminous inner barrel
(4)We can help you install it on the flashlight
(5)Product size: 25.6mm (outer diameter) * 23.2mm (inner diameter) 8.0 (thickness)
(6)This product is suitable for our shop products: DF02 product series, DF03 product series。

The effect display on the flashlight

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