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Maeerxu DF03-14500 three lamps brass flashlight


✦ 【10 MODES OF LIGHT EFFECTS】This small product have 10 light effects,it is quite is adjustable by the tail button.The fully bright, moonlight mode, ambient light, burst flash, signal marker, SOS flash, infinite dimming, temperature control settings, query circuit function, etc.As how to operate,pls check the instruction.

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  • DF03-14500
  • This model uses the novelty brass material because it is heavy. The users hold flashlights, which can take their real feelings.
  • The advantages of the Brass:
  • (1)Brass material has high thermal conductivity, which can make high-power flashlight conduct heat quickly, then can extended service life.
  • (2)Brass material is highly playable: when the flashlight has been used for some time, the surface would oxidize and textured, but it can be re-polished to make it looks new. Users also can make the brass material to achieve bronze in different colors through a special technology, Of course, the players need to know the technology and how to operate it.

If you need to purchase a charging combo separately:


The below flashlight accessories(Luminous Ring, lens, and tubes) need to be separate to buy.

Old looks treatment, owners can make by themselves.

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Weight 268.4 kg
Auxiliary light

Seven color flowing light AUX

Charging combination



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