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DF03 brass three-lamp flashlight


The DF03 brass flashlight is a very playful flashlight.In addition to the design concept of the EDC red brass flashlight, the most interesting thing is that 6 light-emitting tritium tubes can be installed on the shell, and they can be interchanged with various light-emitting materials. It looks different in the dark.
There are two versions of DF03- brass -Flashlight to choose from: 14500 battery version and 16340 battery version

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(1)DF03 brass flashlight has two versions: 16340 lithium battery and 14500 lithium battery
(2)The 16340(14500) battery version uses a 16340(14500) rechargeable lithium battery as a power source
(3)When the battery has no voltage, the battery needs to be removed and charged with a special charger

DF03 adopts three-lamp convex mirror imported from Holland, and the convex mirror is additionally equipped with coated tempered glass

The flashlight comes standard with a back clip, which is made of SU304 stainless steel (1)The flashlight switch is a mechanical power-off switch, and the switch button is made of brass
(2)Tritium tube (1.5*6mm) can be added to the barrel and the switch button(The price of the flashlight does not include the tritium tube)

(1)There are three colors to choose from for the DF03 sub-light: red, green and blue.
(2)The secondary light is a monochromatic light, the color of the secondary light of the flashlight is not emphasized at the time of purchase, and the secondary light is random when leaving the factory

There are many ways to play the DF03 product: such as changing the battery case, the middle ring, and the tail button.(The luminous accessories in the picture below need to be purchased separately, install by yourself or require the manufacturer to install)

The picture below shows the product after the user’s own old treatment

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