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Maeerxu DF02-AL-14500/16340 Three-lamp flashlight

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Model: DF02-Aluminum -14500
● Material: Aluminum alloy
● Surface treatment: hard anodizing of aluminum alloy
● Product size: Outer diameter 1 inch * Length 3.645 inches
● Weight: 3.70 oz (without battery) (4.557 oz with battery)
● Waterproof performance: IPX4 waterproof
● Copper substrate: Copper substrate electric separation, heat dissipation faster
●LED model: 3*SS-T20 or 3*519A or 3*XPL HI, multiple color temperature options
● Battery model: 1 *14500 lithium battery (drive voltage 3V-4.3V), not high voltage drive flashlight.
● Convex lens: imported high reflectivity 3*LED convex lens.
● Circuit: low voltage alarm/reverse protection/with memory (strong playability), you can freely set your favorite mode.
● Gear mode: fully press the switch, half press to switch gears (see the operating instructions for specific operation logic)
● Auxiliary light: the auxiliary light has seven colors that can flow downward and backward, and one of the seven colors can be arbitrarily selected as an auxiliary light (see the operation manual for specific operation logic).
● All linear constant current, no call sound, no stroboscopic
● Switching mode: tail mechanical power off switch
● Package includes: 1 * flashlight (without battery and charging), 1 * operating instruction manual, 1 * stainless steel clip, 2 * M3.0 stainless steel screws



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Weight 210 kg
DF02 series


Lamp bead model and color temperature selection

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2 reviews for Maeerxu DF02-AL-14500/16340 Three-lamp flashlight

  1. Robert Patrick (verified owner)

    button on my brand new DF02 (with glow button) has failed to work after 10 minutes, nothing will fix this. the button is totally stuck and for $90 USD this isn’t going to work for me, will be asking for a replacement or full refund as this is entirely too expensive to be this bad.

  2. rht2048 (verified owner)

    I bought an aluminum Maeerxu DF02 in a gray color, with the 519A 4500K LED using a 14500 battery. I configured the flashlight to start in the pulsating red (heartbeat) configuration which I like a lot. Tap the switch and it can switch between 5 modes of brightness that I set. Strobe modes are also easily accessible with a triple tap. With 4 taps, a kaleidoscope of colorful modes are available. I like how solid the flashlight feels when I carry it.

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