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Maeerxu EV18 18650 Aluminum alloy long range flashlight with type-c direct charging

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Model No:Ev18 -Aluminum-18650 type-c direct charging

Parameter description

●Material:Aluminum alloy

●Surface treatment: aluminum alloy hard anodic oxidation treatment

●Product Size: Outer diameter 30.9mm*Length 105.7mm

●Weight:70.7g(without battery)(with battery g)

●Waterproof performance: IPX7 waterproof

●LED Model: SFT-40 Various color temperature available

●Battery model: 1*18650 lithium battery (drive voltage 3V-4.3V), not high voltage drive flashlight.

●Reflector: Imported reflectivity convex mirror high

●Circuit: low voltage tips / reverse polarity protection / with memory

●Shift mode: full press to switch on and off, half press to switch gears (specific operating logic check the operating instructions)

●Switch mode: Side press light touch switch

●Package includes:

1*Flashlight (without battery)

1*Instruction manual

1*Charging cable

1*Tail cover magnet

Strong magnets are added to the tail, which can be adsorbed on the doors and Windows.

There are 7 colors of auxiliary lights can be arbitrarily selected and memorized.

A light filter can be added to the head.

Yellow filter

Violet filter

Green filter

Blue filter

Pink filter

The effect of exposure at night

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 15 × 8 cm
Lamp bead model and color temperature selection

, ,


Increasea 18650 battery, no battery


Blue filter, Green filter, no filte, Pink filter, Red filter, Yellow filter

Shell color selection


1 review for Maeerxu EV18 18650 Aluminum alloy long range flashlight with type-c direct charging

  1. Meor Azmi Meor Ayob (verified owner)

    A reasonably priced single cell aluminium light that comes with great features albeit its modest pricing.
    Partnered with a very high performance Luminus SFT40 led, this light does throw a long distance, however does have some spill which is also bright enough.
    Single switch controls all functions through the UI which can be followed with the program flow chart included. The switch also lights up the logo which is a cool feature.
    A usb-c port also serves as a charge port also makes this light user friendly thus easy to charge whereaver you are. The battery tube saperates from the head when charging is conducted. Also the tailcap can be opened for battery replacement if required.
    The bezel includes threads than one can fit coloured filters for soecialized applications if required. Its a common sized thread and the diameter of the lens filter is thise found for photography lenses.
    There is also a magnetic tailcap which is strong enough to hold its own weight whether hung vertically or horizontally.
    My gripes are the reflector is smooth, if it was Light Orange peel, the beam pattern would be more even and without artifacts hiwever LOP would be less distance but for me beam pattern without artifacts is better.
    The machining works is exceptional, no sharp corners anywhere, smooth to the touch and grippy in the same instance. No variations of the external coating can be seen so all is good.
    In summary, this is a great light for its functions and the ability to replace battery is a great design.

    • maeerxu

      Thank you Mero, your suggestion for the reflector is very useful, I will tell it to my engineer.

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