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Maeerxu DF01-18650-brass Four-lamp glare flashlight


model: DF01-Brass-18650
(1)Power supply: 1*18650 lithium battery (2.5-4.2v)
(2) Four-lamp convex mirror imported from netherlands
(3) lamp beads: 4*xpl-hi (4*SS-T20)
(4) Toughened blue film lens
(5) Material: Brass
(6) Weight 331g
(7) SIZE:108mm* diameter 28.5mm


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DF01-18650 brass flashlight is a flashlight with all brass design.Brass has a strong playability.Brass can change color after being coated.The changed color, if you don’t like it, you can polish it off and change the color artificially again

DF01-18650 brass flashlight uses a 18650 lithium battery (the product price does not include the battery)

The picture below shows the product after the user’s own old treatment

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Weight 311 kg


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