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Maeerxu DF03-Red copper Three-lamp glare flashlight


Product detailed parameter description
Product Model. DF03- Copper-14500
Power supply. 1*14500 lithium battery (2.5-4.2v)
Light cup. Three light convex mirror imported from Holland
Lamp beads. 3*519a or 3*xpl-hi (3*SS-T20)
Glass. Tempered blue film lens
Material. Copper

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The advantages of the Red copper:
(1)Red copper material has high thermal conductivity, which can make high-power flashlight conduct heat quickly, then can extended service life.
(2)Red copper material is highly playable:when flashlight has been used for a period of time, the surface would oxidize and textured,but it can be re-polished to make it looks new. Users also can make the red copper material to achieve bronze in different colors through a special technology,Of course the players need to know the technology how to operate.

Product Parameter:
Material: Red copper
The item size: Extennal Diameter:25.4mm      Length:92.5mm
The weight:173g (no battery)
Surface color:Original red copper color(user can make to old bronze as they like)
Copper base plate:Electrothermal separationcopper base plate can make the heat dissipation more fast.
Lens:tempered bule-coated lenses(The transmittance reaches 98%)
Lamp Bead model: 3*SS-T20/3*XPL hi/3*519a
Battery model:1*14500 Battery
Reflector:3*Netherlands imported LED convex mirror.
Low voltage prompt/Reverse polarity protection/Mode memory: Yes
Auxiliary light: Half-Pressing the tail button can turn on auxiliary light,and the auxiliary light has red, green, blue three colors be selected
Switch mode: Tail mechanical power-off reverse switch (Press: on/off flashlight. half-press: Switch gear and function)
Dimming mode: 5 different brightness—stepless dimming mode-10 different gears with different combos (high playability, see the operation manual for details)
Package contain:1*flashlight(no battery and charger),1*stainless steel Clip,2*M3.0 stainless steel screws,1*silver grinding rod

The DF03 red copper flashlight is a very playful flashlight.In addition to the design concept of the EDC red copper flashlight, the most interesting is that 6 light-emitting tritium tubes can be installed on the shell, and they can be interchanged with various light-emitting materials. It looks different in the dark.

If you need to purchase a charging combo separately:

The working power supply for 14,500 model is 1*14500 lithium battery (2.7-4.2V)
Tempered glass, three-lamp convex mirror imported from Holland
The secondary light of the flashlight is a monochrome background light, and there are three colors to choose from (red, green, blue). Please note the color of your secondary light when purchasing. If there is no remark, it will be shipped randomly.
14500 models of flashlights can use 18500 lithium batteries after removing the inner sleeve of the barrel。The 16340 flashlight can use 18350 lithium battery after removing the inner sleeve of the barrel

The tail switch is a power-off mechanical switch (over 10A current), and the button is made of copper

Light-emitting tritium tube (1.5*6mm) can be installed on the button,Product price, excluding tritium tube price, need to be purchased separately

Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg
Dimensions 11.9 × 10.5 × 6.7 cm
Lamp bead model and color temperature selection

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Charging combination


Auxiliary light

Seven color flowing light


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