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Maeerxu DF01-18650 EDC Titanium Anode Flashlight


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Titanium flashlight has a strong playability, DF01 titanium anode is the color of the titanium shell after anodizing.

Battery model:18650 Lithium Battery

LED:SS-T20 or XPL-HI  519A

Output:4000Lumens(the highest)

Copper base plate:Electrothermal separation copper base plate can make the heat dissipation more fast.

Auxiliary light: Half-Pressing the tail button can turn on auxiliary light,andthe auxiliary light has red, green, blue three colors be selected(As how to operate,pls check our Operation manual)

The picture below shows the titanium anode two-color titanium horse

The picture below shows titanium anode camouflage

The picture below only has anodized two-color titanium horse color and camouflage color in stock
The flashlight comes standard with a back clip, which is made of stainless steel

The auxiliary lamp has three colors to choose from: red, green, blue (temporarily use aluminum alloy pictures to illustrate this option)

Additional information

Weight 258 kg
Lamp bead model and color temperature selection

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Titanium anode color


Auxiliary light

Seven color flowing light


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